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Single and Multi-Channel DALI Decoders

As buildings around the world demand greater lighting control and efficiency measures, networked lighting systems powered by protocols such as DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) have rapidly increased in adoption and sophistication.

Our IEC 62386 standard compliant DALI decoders—available in single and multi-channel as well as constant current versions—allow you to easily add PWM dimming compatible LED fixtures to any existing DALI system.

DALI Decoders (6)

DALI Decoder (1 Channel)


DALI Decoder (4 Channels – RGBW)


DALI Decoder (3 Channels – RGB)


DALI Decoder (2 Channels – Cool/Warm White)


DALI Decoder (1 Channel, 700mA Constant Current)


DALI Decoder (1 Channel, 350mA Constant Current)