LD Series 25 Watt AC/DC LED Driver (Constant Voltage, UL Recognized) - LiteControls
  • Part Number: LD25W-16

LD25W Series 25W Constant Voltage LED Drivers

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 Technical Specifications

      • Output Watts: 25W
      • Output Constant Voltage: See Table Below
      • Output Current Range: See Table Below
      • For use with Constant Voltage LED Lighting
      • Input Universal AC: 120 - 277VAC, 50/60Hz
      • Safety: UL8750, CSA 22.2 Recognized
      • EMC: FCC, 47CFR Part 15 Class B @120Vac, Class A @ 277Vac
      • Water resistant and Dust Proof: IP67, NEMA4, for Dry and Damp Locations
      • Mounting/Connections: Case mounting holes with flying lead