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Power Repeater (3 Channels – RGB) - LiteControls
  • Part Number: XA3-30600

Power Repeater (3 Channels – RGB)

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  • Uses to amplify the power of synchronous signal
  • 3-Channel RGB control, Max 6A/Channel
  • Can accept PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control
  • Compatibles with various LED modules
  • If connecting multiple power amplifiers in series, then in theory, infinite
  • number of LED modules can be accessed
  • Maximum Power Supply is 432W, 24VDC
  • Recommended power supply: PS-120-12 (Click here for details)

Technical Specifications

  • Model: XA3-30600
  • Input Voltage: DC12-24V
  • Output Current: 6A MAX/Channel
  • Power: 216-432W